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About Geoff

I’m Geoff Orr. A Realtor® in Colorado since 2013 who specializes in working with estates. I am a designated Senior Real Estate Specialist by the board of Realtors, and a Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist. Estate Attorneys choose to provide my contact information to Personal Representatives in cases involving real estate because I have a proven track record of going above and beyond. No matter the size of the estate, most Personal Representatives find the task overwhelming, and like the idea of having someone available to guide them through the process. I’m the boots on the ground guy. As I communicate, I keep my clients abreast of all pertinent matters to the estate. Of the estates I’ve worked with, they have all found me to be empathetic. While I understand the process of being a Personal Representative, I do not treat my clients that theirs isn’t a unique circumstance, as every estate is a little different from the last. If an estate chooses to work with me, my primary focus is to sell the home. After I have met with a Personal Representative, I give them a market


analysis of the home’s value and an estimate of what they will make when the home is sold, including commission amounts. But, how am I different than just any real estate agent? Often times the property is full of the deceased’s personal possessions, some of which have been willed and some which will need to be liquidated. Additional items will need to be donated, and further items, disposed of. This is where a typical PR gets overwhelmed. I assist with an Estate Sale. Then I take all of the items that can be donated to appropriate charities. After that, all items remaining that could not be sold or donated are disposed of. Some items are held back for staging and photography, and are then taken care of, by me, when the house is under contract. During this process, I have a professional home inspection completed on the home. I have the home’s mechanicals (HVAC, A/C, water heater) cleaned and serviced. I present the Personal Representative with a list of items that I suggest to be addressed prior to listing the home. Many items such as replacing carpet can be paid for out of the closing funds from the sale of the home. I assist the Personal Representative with small items prior to listing the home, I have it professionally cleaned and photographed. I engage a Title Representative who includes all parties in all important correspondence regarding the sale of the home.

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