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My Niche

I'm here to help the Personal Representative of the Estate, who  is most often the next of kin or specific person designated by an estate to wrap up all of the estates affairs. My job is to advise that person. All of the choices that the Personal Representative has to make comes down to time, energy and money. Being experienced in the process, I can help ascertain which choices may be best for your estates specific needs. I help make the estate the most money for its beneficiaries in the shortest amount of time for the least amount of work possible. This includes working closely with your Estate Attorney so that we are saving the attorney's time, therefore saving you money. Unlike other Estate Service companies, I do not take over the process entirely. This can be a long process and I work closely with the Personal Representative as the decision maker throughout. Ultimately it's our job to see assets dispersed, items donated or sold, unwanted items disposed of and real estate either sold or delivered back to it's owner. 

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