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Oswego Way - The first estate I ever worked with. The PR’s father passed away, leaving her a townhouse full of art and collectibles. The PR hired an estate sale company. While that company did a good job, I saw the disconnect where she was still left with everything to deal with after the estate sale was over. I stepped in with the donation and disposal steps, staging the home and successfully helping her sell the property. 2 years later, I helped her and her fiancé purchase their first home together.

Arizona Drive - The PR lived with his mother, who owned the home. He was unable to buy out the other recipients of the estate, so the home needed to be sold. There was nothing of value and the home was in disrepair. While the PR did not want to move, I helped him get his possessions into storage and ultimately accept the best offer for him to start the next chapter of his life.

Cannongate Lane - The PR’s mom passed in a small home in senior living community. I helped organize all of the items that needed to be disbursed, meeting various family members at the property to get them their items. The remaining items were taken to goodwill or disposed of. I had a contractor replace the carpets prior to listing, which were paid for out of closing funds.

Richfield Way - The PR’s brother committed suicide in the home. The PR opted not to come to Colorado. I worked with a friend of the family to get the home cleaned and sold. 14455 E 50th Ave - PR’s brother owned a home with his ex husband, who had passed 18 months prior. The home was full of both estates items, so I worked with Vicki and the PR from the ex husband’s estate to separate the items. I helped Vicki with their estate sale, item donation and then rented them a dumpster to clear out the home. I along with a contractor repaired items and got the home sold.

Kalispell Street - The property was a rental, and the PR, who lived in Maryland, hadn’t seen it in 10 years. The tenants could not qualify to purchase the home, so they were asked to vacate so it could be sold. The tenants had to be evicted and by the time we were able to inspect the property, it was so badly in disrepair that I helped the PR sell the home to a flipper.

Uravan Street, 4241 Pioneer Place and 12115 Helena Street. - 3 rental properties owned by one estate. The estate chose to sell the homes, first offering them to the tenants. I assisted two of the tenants in purchasing their homes and put the third up on the market once the tenant vacated. As the PR was out of state, I worked to address all of the home inspection items to sell the homes smoothly. One property had invasive trees that a previous tenant planted. I had them removed to the satisfaction of all of the neighbors whose yards they had sprouted in.

Forest Street - Same PR as the 3 properties above. The deceased was working on a fix and flip with a friend when he passed. The property was not finished and there were not funds available to finish the flip. I helped get what could be finished, finished, and then helped to sell the property in it’s as-is state to someone who could finish working on it.

9th Ave - The PR lived in Alaska and needed to get as much done as possible while in town for her Dad’s memorial. I met her and her brother with my truck and we cleaned out the apartment in one day. I quickly fell into the siblings humor, and although a tough and emotional process, we were good friends by closing.

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