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2299 S Oswego Way - “Geoff was amazing. I lost my father during the very first week of my masters program. Being his only child I was tasked with clearing out the estate and selling the home all while in school/working full time. Geoff was a rockstar. He showed up to change lightbulbs, facilitated the remodels and updates that needed to be done. He coordinated all the work that needed to be completed before closing and he took money out of his own pocket to make sure things got done in a timely fashion. I didn't have to deal with any of small bills here and there and was able to broker and pay Geoff for nearly everything the house needed. He was kind and patient which I imagine could be difficult when you have a client who has no idea what she is doing, and has very little time to be present at the home to make decisions. Once the house was officially on the market he was great about giving me all the information in an unbiased and fair manner and letting me make any and all big decisions on my father's estate. He walked me through everything in a way that I understood and was always available when I had a question. HIGHLY recommend Geoff and will be using him when I move forward with buying my first home.”

14455 E 50th Ave - "Geoff was an outstanding real estate professional. He was more helpful than any other realtor with whom we have ever had the opportunity to work. He went well beyond the scope of a real estate agent. We were faced with the need to prepare and sell a house as part of an estate of a departed family member. We do not live in the area or state in which the property was located. Geoff was instrumental in making our experience as smooth as possible. He assisted with removing property from the house, interfacing with repair companies, cleaning out the items to be thrown out, and offering recommendations for improving the property. He even helped us with the related estate sale, participating in staging items to be sold; he also assisted with selling property both online and at the house during the estate sale. Prior to our arrival in Denver, Geoff visited the house to video tape the contents so we would know in advance of our initial visit what to expect. Geoff also kept an eye on the property when we could not be there. He helped us to get a very good price for the property. Geoff offered very sound advice as it related to challenges we faced while preparing the house for sale. I have interfaced with no less than 10 real estate professionals in five states and seven communities. Geoff, by far, exceeded my expectations, especially in comparison to any other real estate agent with which we had previously engaged."

10253 Uravan Street, 4241 Pioneer Place and 12115 Helena Street. - ”As a Personal Representative for an estate, Geoff represented me in selling three homes owned by the deceased. All three were renter-occupied at the time of passing. Geoff understood the local market, and we spent a great deal of time discussing how and when to sell each property - whether to offer the homes first to the renters, or to place on the open market. He understood the balance between the estate needs & the renters-rights along with the fluctuating current market conditions. He guided me to three successful transactions (two properties to the current renters and one property on the open market). I did all three sells completely remote. He managed the local inspectors, repairs, and vendors on my behalf, and his communication throughout it all was excellent. All the documentation correctly reflected the unique requirements of an Estate. I highly recommend Geoff to assist with your Estate transactions. He works hard on your behalf and will reduce the overwhelming burdens of being a Personal Representative of an Estate.”

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